Wiping problem in strato


After setting up the strato application in my system,I have successfully able to create the user accounts ,deploy and run the smart contracts.But whenever I shut down the system,all the user accounts and the deployed contracts were wiped out.I need to enter the wipe command first “./strato.sh --wipe " and then i need to give the command " ./strato.sh --single” to start the strato in my localhost.what’s the issue behind this??


I am also facing the same issue ,


Hi, we’ve received your question and will reply soon.


Hi @monisha @prashantgangwar ,
Can you please provide the steps to reproduce the issue? Based on our testing - the docker restarts all STRATO containers correctly after the system restart and the STRATO node appears healthy with the list of existing accounts present.
Some additional info that may be helpful to resolve your issue:

  • What is the output for docker ps after system restart?
  • docker --version ?
  • docker-compose --version ?
  • Which OS do you use?
  • Does the node remain healthy on main page of the STRATO Management Dashboard and is it just the Accounts page that shows an empty list?

Nikita @ BlockApps