What is BlockApps? Should I start off with Embark?



Sorry im a noob, but the Block Apps Devcon2 video caught my attention, and there’s only two, 5-minute videos demonstrating a tiny portion of how to use Block Apps. Is it a framework like Embark, or is it an advanced topic, and I should just go along starting my journey with Embark, and eventually coming figuring out how BlockApps could be useful for me?i want to start off on the right foot learning how to build enterprise level systems on ethereum, ipfs/swarm, whisper, mobile, etc… i have a specific project in mind that involves the abovementioned, plus a little more.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.


Startup video production



Hi John,

Let’s schedule a call to review your use case and start coding - here’s a link to my calendar.

Eli (PM @ BlockApps)