Using Xamarin-SDK and my own instance of STRATO


Hi (Me again)

I’ve provisioned my own Ubuntu instance in Azure and have STRATO up and running, having followed the instructions to set this up locally rather then using the ARM template (I’m using my msdn subscription allowance and I can’t do that for a strato instance)

So now I want to test our the Xamarin-SDK in a console app, but I’m not 100% clear on what the bloc and strato url will be as this is all running on one instance.

 var BAClient = new BlockAppsClient("http://blocurl", "http://stratourl");

If I wanted to say point this to, what would the parameters be - or am I missing a running instance of something?


Hi @evs

I’m going to loop in @charles-blockapps who wrote the SDK.


Also, when using Web3 I can hook into contract events and execute client side code as they are raised up to me.

Do I have to long poll for these using the API abstraction in STRATO, or is there support for WebSockets?


The Xamarin-SDK is being updated to use the new version of bloc, stay tuned. @evs


Can you give an indication of timelines here, because I’m champing at the bit and I’ll end up writing my own if it’s a long way off. Do you follow Agile processes? Could you push anything to the develop branch? Do you accept contributions etc?


Can you DM me your email so we can set up a call?