Unable to test Strato


Hello. It seems that my data in strato have been deleted. I can not upload or test any contract. Could you tell me what happens? I have the same problem still. My account is: [email protected]



Hi Oscar, can you provide more detail about the issue?


Hi Eli,

The problem is , if we try to compile a document via STRATO its fail and make a reference to this :

pragma solidity ^0.4.8;
contract TestNotary002 {
address owner;
bool deprecated;
function TestNotary002() internal {
owner = msg.sender;deprecated = false;

unexpected “\r”
expecting string character or end of string

If we simulate a minify code it´s compile well , so we can kind handle this.

pragma solidity ^0.4.8;contract TestNotary002 {address owner;bool deprecated;function TestNotary002() internal { owner = msg.sender;deprecated = false;}}`

But anyways we have all accounts with 0 ether (nowadays) and we cant charge them even requesting token (so the account in a kinda weird situation) :

[email protected]
Contract Root
Latest Block Number
Code Hash

So when we try to deploy a contract we can’t because of this :

strato error: failed to find account

Thanks in advance