Track and trace demo app broken


the track and trace demo app doesn’t appear to be working

i created an issue in github, cross-posting it here in hopes there will be a response

i’m doing everything as described in the readme, to the best of my knowledge. if you could point me in the the right direction, i’m happy to open a PR and update the README. part of me believes you want to make it easy for engineers to run this app and see how it works.



Hi Brian,
We believe the issue is with track-and-trace misconfiguration or the STRATO node being not available on URL from your host.
The URL in localhost.config.yaml that you changed the port number for (8080->80), is referring to STRATO node’s URL, not the application’s. Hence, different port. This URL should point to existing STRATO node.
What is the URL of STRATO node you are deploying the track-and-trace against?

Nikita Mendelbaum
BlockApps support team


Hi Brian,

Following up here to make sure you received the necessary support. Were you able to run the track and trace demo with Nikita’s response? Please let me know if the issue remains and I will have our team take another look.

Jordan Sutter


Hi Jordan,

Thanks for following up! I saw Nikita’s message and haven’t had a moment to reply. Part of me thought it was STRATO was not deployed. I created an issue 4 days ago:

it says: unauthorized: authentication required.

this other person opened an issue that appears to be having the same error, but no reply here yet:

I have built an app on STRATO in Nov 2018, but I don’t remember exactly what I did to start the application locally. i ultimately deployed STRATO to AWS but I don’t remember exactly what i did.

do you know why it says “unauthorized: authentication required.” when trying to run a single node?

Brian Yang


Hi Brian,
STRATO is a paid software. Unfortunately, we don’t provide the trial version anymore and STRATO deployment requires the paid access to the STRATO Docker registry. Another way would be to deploy STRATO node on one of these cloud marketplaces: AWS, GCP, Azure.
The Track-and-Trace app won’t deploy successfully unless the correct STRATO node url is provided in the config.
The issue of another person you mentioned is not related to the one you are experiencing and is either the permissions issue or the Unix distro factor.

Best regards,
Nikita Mendelbaum
DevOps Lead @ BlockApps