Not able to install Strato on localhost


I have been trying to download and install Strato since yesterday. Pretty frustrating first expression. Failing to pull from repo so many times. It has failed on this atleast last 3-4 times after few hour of trying. What should I do?

f341b5e: Pulling from blockapps-repo/silo-strato
4e2e76526c94: Already exists
4662e1468ca9: Already exists
a0426eae5929: Already exists
eedb9c506021: Already exists
d1aa6c64a7dc: Already exists
ae98ac5ff945: Downloading [======> ] 23.74MB/189.2MB
0649a9da20fc: Download complete
b1882c98a5c3: Downloading [=====> ] 14.03MB/130.5MB


Hi @nxa0066, happy to help you out.

So it looks like you’ve successfully pulled the data from the docker image, some of the packages were probably updated and needed new data, that’s what’s downloading, whereas the packages that have “Already exists” are up to date from your last pull of the data.

Do you have any errors at the completion of the data pull? If not, I think you’re installation is done and you’re ready to test if STRATO is up and running.

To check if STRATO services are running & view the STRATO Management Dashboard, navigate to http://localhost/ or if you’re using a remote setup, http://<remote_node_host>/

You will be prompted for a username and pass, it’s admin/admin.

Let me know if you have any issues!


Thanks for reply. Finally repos start responding and able to download. Thanks for your help if you did some magic on backend


No changes on our end @nxa0066, sometimes intermittent internet connectivity can play a role in messing up the download.
Glad you got it working!