No network connection in Strato Management Dashboard


I have installed BlockApps locally on a windows PC. After some installation issues, the environments seems to work correctly now. I can start the Strato Management Dashboard.
BlockApps is running locally in a Docker-containers.

In the dashboard I get a warning about the health of the netwerk connection. In my opinion this netwerk must be an Ethereum blockchain. But where is this blockchain initialised? Or is not possible to connect to a local running blockchain?

I have already a local blockchain for development purposes. I run this blockchain using Geth.
Is it possible to connect BlockApps to this local blockchain?

Hopefully someone can give clarity on these issues.


@vliste Take a look at this architecture

Blockchain gets stored in LevelDB database. And Strato image that you’re running on Docker contains the blockchain. It get’s initialized when you run your script.

As far as I know you cannot connect to any other blockchain with Strato. Geth uses separate architecture.
Let me know if this helped.


Also follow these instructions to bring your Network Connection health to Green from Yellow.


Thank you for catching this and letting us know :slight_smile:
You should provide the DOMAIN_NAME variable when running the script:


We updated the step 3 of the guide with the comment regarding this.