Issue running BlockApps locally


I deployed Blockapps locally using the instructions on page
I am running it on a Windows PC.

My issue is in step 4 of the instructions when I try to run the dashboard.
When I browse to the page this page can not be found.
When I execute the command docker ps in the docker-container, the services are available.

Probably no webserver is running. But I would expect that the web server is running inside the docker container.

Can someone help me out here?


Docker image comes with the NGINX web server so you don’t need that separately. When you run the start script NGINX automatically gets started as part of that script.

In step 2, make sure you register docker registry with credentials you received from blockapps.
And check if there is HTTPD/apache process already running on your localhost then you will need to shut them all down.

Then try executing this:

//Stop all active containers
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

//Run script with ip address and it will start all the containers again

No network connection in Strato Management Dashboard

Most likely your docker machine (VM) is running on the different IP.
Check what IP does it use (run this commands in the docker toolbox terminal):

docker-machine ls
docker-machine ip MACHINE_NAME

MACHINE_NAME - may be found in the output of the first command.
Use that IP instead of default