Is it right to use Strato for uploading an ERC contract and on private blockchain


I am trying to understand that would it be safe to deploy an ERC20 Token contract on a private blockchain like Blockapps Strato provides.
As far as I know ERC20 contract needs to be deployed on Ethereum Public Network.

So I was wondering if there is a separate AMI for running SMD on public blockchain as well.


@suchit SMD is built for STRATO Platform (with private Ethereum blockchain in mind for developers and enterprise customers), so it doesn’t integrate with Ethereum Livenet or nodes.
As long as the smart contracts are compiled via solc 0.4.8 (Bloc supports solc 0.4.8 presently) you can try the token contracts on STRATO (again, as a private node).
Let us know if you run into issues and we’d be happy to look into and guide further.


@kbee Thanks for replying. If I uploaded a token contract on a private blockchain, then how would I go about getting it listed on exchanges and enabling crowd-sale.

Do you advise using Strato for deploying crowdfunding ERC20 token contracts? If so, will these token be compatible with ethereum wallets (metamask, mist etc).


@suchit I’d suggest a call with our Product and Sales team so they can guide you with an offering in that space and discuss the roadmap. I’ll have someone reach out to you with an invite.