Invalid date error in Timestamp field



Trying fo faucet user’s account but transaction failing with “Invalid date” in “Timestamp” field:

    Field	          Value
    Value	          1000000000000000000000
    From	          e1fd0d4a52b75a694de8b55528ad48e2e2cf7859
    To	              ae70f86727ce6b051ea8138d350f2b66fad3bd9c
    Block Number	  6
    R	              a083e72bd687c8a6858ef6132c6c04456220b76bf9858aebc5a4fcea6b2494f9
    S	              718c7a2e77a2dde03a2d9d8b9a5e92c5a1de3a82f0cda7dda6b402e8177d2c9c
    Timestamp	      Invalid date
    V	              1c
    Nonce	          3


Hi Azat,

Looks like the transaction was successful. The invalid date seems to be a formatting frontend issue on Firefox only (should be fixed soon).

Can you check the account balance for account a083e72bd687c8a6858ef6132c6c04456220b76bf9858aebc5a4fcea6b2494f9 on the account page and see if it shows the correct value in wei.



Hi Samrit,

I’m using Safari. Checked balance and it’s correct. Thanks