Introduce yourselves!


This thread is designed to enable introductions and networking opportunities for members of our community. Posts should include a sentence or two about what excites you about blockchains, and maybe a bit about your background. There’s no need to use your real name (although you can if you’d like to). In fact, pseudonyms are encouraged.



Kieren James-Lubin, Founder and COO of BlockApps here. Blockchains are awesome.


Srihari kapu,

Blockchain developer & architect at sustainy and blockchain technology M sdn bhz.


A new BlockApps/Blockchain techie located in Germany.


Nice to meet you @GlennW!


Hi, I am a techno-entrepreneur engaged in traditional IT industry now getting into the Blockchain world! Looking forward to an exciting journey!!!


Hi everyone!
My name is Jason, I’m part of the BA Product team. Looking forward to supporting all of you and working together!


I’m Zach. I am in charge of software innovation for a startup based on blockchain, AI, and IoT.