How to do authentication for dApp with BlockApp


Hello everyone,

I am building dApp based on blockapps-ba example from GitHub and was thinking if the way that user is created there is a secured way.

I would like to give users option to register/login to dApp with email and password what is the best way to do?


Hi @Abdizriel - I believe this is possible. Why would you like the user to be able to login with email / password?
What flow are you imagining?


Hi @kjameslubin - Since my customers won’t have an ethereum wallet with their address and account for them in my app would be created when they would buy a product through partner websites and they wouldn’t have to create account since they won’t have an option to do so since all would be handled by partner and I am only giving an option to log to my app when they would buy a product to check stats


So - when would the customer be interacting with the blockchain? If they don’t need a wallet, you can probably use traditional auth mechanisms.