How to access the Bloc logs?


Sometimes I will have contracts that compile successfully using the online remix IDE or another solidity compiler, but when I go to upload the contract via the dashboard, I get the following error from the contracts/compile endpoint:

Internal Error!
Something wrong has happened inside of bloc.
Please contact your network administrator to have this problem fixed.
(More information can be found in the Bloc logs.)

Where can I find the Bloc logs? I don’t see an api endpoint to consume them on the Bloc or Strato api swagger docs. I next tried going into the silo-bloch docker container and looked around, but couldn’t find them.


You can access the logs using the docker logs <container-name> command. In most cases this will be docker logs strato_bloch_1, but check your container names using the docker ps command.

Can you post the contract you are trying to upload?


Hi @samrit - Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I don’t still have the contract I was working on. I’m still learning solidity and I end up throwing a lot of weird stuff at the compiler just to see how it works. If I come across this error again, I’ll post what I was working on.