How many transactions can be written per sec on a Private Blockchain in Strato


Normally it is 6-8 transactions per sec on ethereum main network. I am trying to understand if there is an increase in the amount of transactions I can write on a strato private blockchain.


Also, what is the block size for a instance running in production by default? And what’s the avg block time


@suchit On Question1: We follow the same Proof of Work mining and consensus mechanism as Ethereum but we’ve built transaction batching in STRATO available to developers via our API’s (checkout the Bloc and STRATO-API docs for batch transactions) - so you can pack multiple Tx and contract events per block and that gives you a much larger tps throughput.

On Question2 Ethereum (and thus STRATO so far) uses the concept of “gas” instead of block-size.

Block-time: As a developer running a private blockchain STRATO node you can configure the block time and difficulty via node launch params like (defaults shown):