How do you change the IP/host referenced in the Management Console?


I am having trouble creating users or performing any system actions because the system, installed according to the instructions, has localhost as the host on all of the pages. But the system is installed on a headless server, so the system must be accessed from a browser on a different computer. Therefore, all of the links to the API break because it tries to go to localhost, but that is not possible. I can change the IP to the IP of the actual computer to get the Swagger page to come up, but the API functions still try and run through localhost, causing no changes to take effect. On my Azure deployment, the references are correctly set to the hostname of the Azure server, so I know it is possible. How is this done?


After looking at the code for, I see that NODE_HOST is what you use to set this. I was confused from some of the literature that it was the host of an existing Strato server to synchronize the chain with, but that is BOOT_NODE_IP. Sorry for the confusion. I hope this helps anyone else who is trying to figure this out.