Google Cloud Platform Error


Hi Everyone.
I managed to deploy Strato in Google Cloud Platform but I’m not able to see the blocks, users, events, etc. in dashboard.

Also, the Bloc API hyperlink in the dashboard points to an IP address different from the IP address of my instance and it presents an error, not showing the api functions.

I managed to create and list the users using the rest API from my program, but I can’t see this in the dashboard.

Please see attached my dashboard:

Do you have any idea of how to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Marcos Roberto Silva


Hi @marcos.silva3 - it looks like you restarted your instance before making the IP static as per the instructions at the end of the doc:

Promote External IP to Static type

STRATO requires the external IP to stay immutable once it is started. Ephemeral IP may change on VM Instance restart. So it is strongly recommended to change the External IP type from Ephemeral to Static. To proceed, follow the step “Assign a static external IP address to your VM instance” below.

Assign a static external IP address to your VM instance

An ephemeral external IP address has been assigned to the VM instance. If you require a static external IP address, you may promote the address to static. Learn more here.

Please redeploy the node and follow these steps to promote ephemeral IP to a static type:

  1. Visit
  2. In the list, find the address attached to the newly deployed instance
  3. Switch the type of IP address from Ephemeral to Static


Hi Eli.
I created a new instance changing the IP address to static before starting the instance and everything worked perfectly.

Thank you.

Marcos Roberto Silva