Getting 401 authorization error when deploying blockapps rest demo app


I cloned Blockapps-rest-demo repo from blockapps github and changed “Node name” to “localhost” in config file. I followed exactly the steps mentioned in readme.
But when deploying the application by doing Node=localhost npm run deploy it gives 401 authorization error.

I am not sure what to change in the code in order to provide it correct authorization.

Here is the link to the code that I am deploying: demo-blockapps


Blockapps-rest-demo is outdated. Please use as an up-to-date example of NodeJS dApp using BlockApps tools including blockapps-rest lib.
BTW, how did you come upon this old repo?


@nikitam It’s hard to determine the folder structure in Blockapps-ba demo, due to the complexity of the application. Is there an easy example to follow.
Also if I were to use Meteorjs, how do I go about adding the configurations.


Here is the directory structure I am following. Let me know if this is appropriate.



Looks sensible to me.