Filter blockchain events


I can now get the logged events now. But is it also possible to filter specific events from this logging?

In my smart-contract I have 2 different events. In the log-file I can detect these different events by the value of topic1.
But I don’t know how to filter the logging to get all logged events of 1 specific eventtype.

I thougt may be a query like this would work: http:///strato-api/eth/v1.2/log?topic1=
Unfortunately, this does not work.

Using the web3.js module it is possible to filter the events using statements like this:
{reference to smartcontract}.{name of event in Smartcontract}.( null, {fromBlock: 0, toBlock: “latest”});

Is it also possible to filter events when using BlockApps?


Hi @vliste, currently there is not a way to filter the logs with the api.

You can however poll the contract state for changes,


To clarify, cirrus doesn’t support events. But if you want to monitor contract state you could trigger your own event when something changed