Does blockapps supports smart contracts written in Serpent instead of Solidity?


well, the topic explains my question! I studied the Xamarin-sdk examples and smart contract sources were pure C# strings containing solidity code. I was wondering if I could do the same using Serpent.


@mahdad.baghani As far as I know you can only compile .sol or solidity contracts on Strato.


Thanx for the reply. Is there any way to make sure that serpent is not supported in strato blockapps? Cause I really like python and serpent :frowning:


@mahdad.baghani I actually created a serpent contract and tried to upload it on Strato before I replied you earlier. And Strato was not recognizing the serpent contract file.


Hi @suchit,

STRATO does not currently support contracts written in Serpent.



Hi, @charles-blockapps. Can I ask when we can expect support for serpent? 'cause that “currently” you used, sounded like there actually are some thoughts about integrating with serpent.


Serpent is deprecated or likely to be deprecated (, ) so there are no plans for serpent support at this time, @mahdad.baghani.


Solid information. @kjameslubin