Basic Implementation Commands



  1. Can I check if anyone here knows how to remove the test account i created using CURL
  2. Also another thing is that how come the user created using curl always have the faucet button on, although i have added the curl parameter ?faucet=false or remove it altogether?
  3. Lastly, how do you set the faucet amount? i dont want it to display so much zeros…



We’ve recently upgraded our developer docs - check them out here

It is not currently possible to delete accounts, nor is it possible to set the faucet amount, which is denoted in Wei (the smallest denomination of Ether).


Hi eli,

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if its possible to retrieve list of transaction between x date to x date using bloc API please?

Right now on the documentation url you give, we only found curl to retrieve ALL transaction or LAST x transation… we cant find any accepted parameter fromDate and toDate or the like.

Please advise.


We plan to release this feature in our next release (STRATO 4.1) which is scheduled for early September.