Azure Installation fail: strato-run .sh: No such file or directory


Followed instructions for Azure STRATO Blockchain Singlenode - Developer Edition install from “

When using Putty to SSH into IP, I try to run and receive the following:

-bash: ./ No such file or directory

Tried it as admin strato and stradmin without difference. Was able to run TEST DRIVE successfully and am now ready to dig in deeper.

Please advise.


Hi @joeho,

Can you try:
./ (FQDN of the machine)

where FQDN is the fully qualified DNS domain name of your machine, don’t include the brackets.

$ ./


I have been using the FQDN in command. Created a new deployment just now and here is copy from Putty window

[email protected]:~$ ./
-bash: ./ No such file or directory


Hello, any update on this issue? Should I just try a manual setup using the VM generated by the template?


I ran the same package as you and my STRATO instance was already running when my VM came up.
Can you test by navigating to http://[your server ip]?


Yes, tried that all along without being able to login and just got it working now. I finally guessed I needed to use “admin” user name instead of strato admin name I defined at template start up.



Thank you for the follow-up. We updated our documentation accordingly:


Good to hear! Thanks for the follow up @joeho.