AWS - Multinode Setup


I have been using AWS " BlockApps STRATO Ethereum Blockchain Platform - Developer Edition". The single node works great. I wanted to connect two AWS STRATO nodes to a single network. Does 4.0.0 release going to support that? If so, do I have to manually place the new version to AWS instances?


I’d suggest to try our latest release locally first. With our cloud partnership, we do need to go through a process to upgrade. We can also talk about how to deploy test nodes if it’s a large project.


Thanks for the quick response. I have tried the latest changes locally. I wanted the same on AWS. Any idea when the new version will be available on AWS? Also I heard the multinode networking is going to be annual paid version. Is it so? If so what will be the cost?


Glad you gave it a try locally. Please feel free to reach out regarding our latest release. We’re working with our partners to upgrade at this moment. It is also subject to AWS (Azure and Google Cloud Platform) internal processes, and it’s difficult from our side to give a timeline. For pricing info, since it’s not public yet, we can discuss it over the phone if you’d like.


Will get back to you on that.