Access ethereum node / rpc port


Is it possible to connect to the “Ethereum” node directly by using e.g. web3.js.
I want to interact with contracts deployed inside blockapps without using the bloc-api. Is this possible thanks?


what’s your use case? implementation driven? part of requirements? etc. etc.


for a couple of reasons

  1. there are a couple of apps out there, which already use ethereum and libraries such as web3js. Re-using their code in blockapps would require a re-write
  2. existing apps could be pointed to blockapps instead of e.g. to test-rpc (e.g. for testing or for portability across blockchains)
  3. this might force other peers to use blockapps to join the network vs. simply using a ethereum client and connecting it to the network


Thanks. Web3 support is actually in the works and will be available for near-future releases. Please stay tuned.